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Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector in the USA



In the United States, green jobs are becoming more commonplace in the renewable energy sector. This is encouraging news for our country as climate change is an issue that requires action at all levels of government – from local to federal.

Recently, Curtis and Marinescu conducted a study to analyze the growth of green jobs within the solar and wind energy industries. Their findings revealed that these positions are expanding at an impressive three times faster rate than non-green employment opportunities.

1. Renewable Energy Engineer

Green jobs are in high demand and many companies are willing to pay six-figure salaries. If you have a background in mechanical, civil or electrical engineering, this could be an ideal career option for you.

Renewable energy engineers design, construct and install systems for producing energy from sustainable resources such as solar power, wind energy and hydropower. Additionally, they test solar panels and other components before installation into the grid.

Materials engineers work with semiconductors, metals, plastics, glass and composites to develop new materials that meet specialized solar panel performance criteria. They utilize computer modeling programs to develop materials at the atomic level as well as assess the performance of manufactured items.

2. Renewable Energy Technician

If you’re seeking a green career, the renewable energy sector of the USA is an excellent place to begin. Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it’s also growing at an impressive rate and offers numerous well-paying jobs.

As energy costs continue to climb, businesses are seeking ways to reduce their energy usage without compromising productivity. Renewable energy technicians can assist these organizations in implementing these technologies in order to save money.

Training for renewable energy technicians typically takes place at a vocational school or community college. Programs may last anywhere from several weeks to a year and provide participants with a certificate of completion.


3. Renewable Energy Sales Representative

The clean energy industry and its green jobs are on the rise. With an average salary that rivals fossil fuel jobs and increasing incentives for employers, working in this sector has never been more desirable.

A solar sales representative is accountable for generating customer leads, developing new accounts, making presentations and providing technical information to potential customers, vendors and dealers. Utilizing their expertise in solar technology, they assist their customers in selecting the most suitable products or systems based on their electrical energy needs, site conditions or price point.

4. Renewable Energy Technician

In the renewable energy sector, there are numerous employment opportunities from solar panel manufacturing to wind turbine equipment installation and repair. Furthermore, there are increasingly more free and paid training courses available for newcomers in this field.

Studies define green jobs differently, but generally speaking they are jobs related to producing or delivering goods or services that help conserve or protect natural resources and reduce their use. Examples include producing energy from sources like wind, solar and biofuels; improving energy efficiency; and reducing or cleaning up pollution and greenhouse gases.

According to E2’s Clean Jobs America report, employment in the renewable energy industry is growing three times faster than fossil fuel extraction across America. This trend is expected to continue, and various federal, state, and local policy levers can support its sustainability.

5. Renewable Energy Technician

With the rise in renewable energy use, there is an expanding need for people to install and maintain these systems. You could work on small residential solar panels, large-scale wind farms or hydroelectric dams.

Starters in the renewable energy sector have several options, such as a two-year certificate program from a community college or trade school. Some of these programs also provide one year of on-the-job training.

To become a renewable energy technician, you must possess an in-depth understanding of electricity, tools and equipment. Furthermore, you must be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients about the advantages of using renewable energy sources.


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