Top 5 IT Jobs Available in the United Kingdom
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Top 5 IT Jobs Available in the United Kingdom


Those with a technical background or a business background can find IT jobs available in the United Kingdom. The country has become one of the world’s leading destinations for IT companies, with a number of major tech firms having their headquarters in the UK. The demand for IT professionals has increased significantly over the last few years, as the UK continues to expand its infrastructure and develop new technologies.

Networking is very important in the UK

Having a network of contacts is a key ingredient to a successful career. Not only does it increase your visibility, it can also give you access to information you might not have known about. For example, you might find that someone you know is working on a project that is similar to yours. You might even find that you can enlist their help.

It’s not always easy to network, but it does have its merits. The best networks are built on mutual respect and trust. As a result, you might find that you are able to get your name out there as a candidate for an upcoming job.

Birmingham is a highly sought-after IT destination

Known for its industrial heritage, Birmingham has grown to become a thriving urban center. It offers a variety of attractions and recreational activities. A diverse population makes it a great destination for families.

Birmingham is home to several top-ranking schools. It also has a thriving cultural scene and several theatres and performing arts venues. The city hosts several music festivals and film festivals throughout the year.

The city’s most notable industrial landmarks have been redeveloped by young professionals. In addition, downtown Birmingham is a shopping district. Many of the city’s most popular restaurants and bars are located here.

Bristol earns a median annual salary of PS41,600

Despite its glitzy title as the state capitol of Tennessee, Bristol is a relatively small city that is not short on natural beauty, cultural riches and good old fashioned fun. Aside from the usual suspects, you’ll find a plethora of art in downtown, a NASCAR track, a slew of golf courses, and a slew of other perks. Despite its smallish size, Bristol manages to pack a punch when it comes to dining and nightlife. You can also find plenty of quality shopping aplenty in the Bristol Mall.


Manchester is a newcomer to the Tech Town Index

Known as the Queen City of New Hampshire, Manchester is the largest city in the state. The city is located 51 miles north-northwest of Boston. It is also home to the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. It is also the location of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

During the late 19th century, the city began expanding. Its economy benefited from World War II. In the 1940s, the streetcar network was replaced by bus routes. In the 1990s, the city entered a period of economic decline. However, in the 2000s, a revival of interest in the Millyard led to a development boom. This was accompanied by the relocation of several high-tech firms, including Dyn and Segway, Inc.

Work visas are only available for skilled migrants and those working in shortage occupations

Those seeking employment in the UK will be granted a visa if they meet the criteria for one of the various types of work visa. These include a Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) for those aged 18-30. This type of visa is not tied to specific jobs and is designed to allow highly-skilled individuals to migrate to the UK. Those seeking employment in the UK are also given the option of applying for a long-term visa to enable them to settle here permanently.

The Government has also announced a points system to encourage skilled migrants to come to the UK. This will only apply to countries with which the UK has signed an agreement. The scheme has caps on the numbers of visas that each nationality can apply for.

Top in-demand skills in IT

Whether you’re interested in becoming an IT specialist or simply want to upgrade your skills to make yourself more competitive, here are 10 in-demand IT skills you can master. They will help you keep up with the fast-changing tech landscape and help you stay ahead of the competition.

As more companies continue to use technology to engage with customers, it is crucial for employees to have the skills necessary to understand and interpret raw data. More than half of technology employers find candidates lacking these skills.


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