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Why Canada Should Be Your Next Home



Due to the persistent economic uncertainty, concerns over Russia’s conflict, and an ever-increasing cost of living, an increasing number of Canadians are delaying or canceling their plans to buy their first home.

However, that doesn’t mean newcomers to Canada are out of options. So long as they abide by Canada’s tax and real estate laws, they can own property within the country.

1. Stunning Natural Landscapes

Are you in search of majestic mountains, snow-capped peaks, icy fjords, shimmering lakes and rainforests? Canada offers plenty of picturesque destinations.

Canada boasts an expansive physical landscape that’s as varied as it is stunning, spanning six time zones from northern Quebec and the Arctic to Vancouver. There’s treeless tundra; sun-nourished grain fields; peach orchards; salty windstorms; polar deserts and ancient footsteps – each with a captivating story to tell.

Earth’s most captivating natural attractions can be found throughout Northern Alberta, such as Tablelands – a bizarre sandstone erosion formation that looks like giant flowerpots and rock mushrooms. Plus there are the majestic hoodoo spires of southern Alberta and Kluane National Park in Yukon for some truly wild views of North America’s glaciers and icefields.

2. World-Class Cities

Canada boasts six of the world’s 100 best cities, providing visitors with an array of world-class attractions. Whether you’re searching for family-friendly culture, breathtaking natural landscapes or vibrant arts scenes, these cities should not be missed!

Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa are all exceptional cities to live and thrive in. Each has its own special charms and attractions that will take your breath away.

Education in this country is highly regarded, offering students access to world-renowned universities, prestigious colleges and institutions. Furthermore, its welcoming culture makes it a popular destination for international students as well.

3. Exceptional Healthcare

Healthcare is a major concern for expats and Canadian citizens alike. While the majority of the population believes their healthcare system to be excellent, some find it less than satisfactory.


The Canadian model of universal health coverage, Medicare, is founded upon a tripartite social contract between governments, providers and the public. This arrangement ensures equitable access for all Canadians and reflects the ethos that permeates Canadian society.

4. Access to Adventure

Calgary offers breathtaking natural landscapes from coast to coast, making it a prime destination for adventure tourism enthusiasts. As an important transportation hub and host to numerous world-class adventure attractions that draw both domestic and international visitors alike, Calgary is quickly becoming one of the go-to destinations for travellers from all over.

Recent studies have identified Calgary as the “Adventure Capital” of Canada, due to its proximity to some of Canada’s premier outdoor destinations. From majestic peaks and multi-hued canyons in the Rocky Mountains to wind sculpted hoodoos and towering badlands of Alberta prairies, Calgary serves as a cradle for many an exciting outdoor journey. With strategic investments and partnerships, Canada can become an international destination of choice for intrepid explorers in the coming years.

5. Exceptional Education

Canada is known as one of the world’s best places for families with children, thanks to its beautiful outdoors, relaxed lifestyle and friendly people. It truly offers a wonderful quality of life and ideal conditions for raising a family.

Canada has consistently demonstrated its superior performance on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), especially considering how many immigrants reside here with a wide cultural diversity. These results are especially remarkable given the country’s large immigrant population.

Exceptional Children’s (EC) programs provide special support to students with physical, mental, social and/or emotional disabilities who require extra educational opportunities from the school system. Through program classes, related services, itinerant services and extended school year opportunities, EC students receive personalized attention tailored to their individual needs.



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