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Sales Assistant Jobs Available in Canada


Getting a job as a sales assistant in Canada can be a great way to gain experience. There are various types of sales assistant jobs available, ranging from inside sales assistant jobs to outside sales assistant jobs. Each of these positions requires a certain level of knowledge in the business and marketing fields. You will also need to have good interpersonal skills to ensure a good working relationship with your customers and coworkers.

Duties of a sales assistant

Unlike other positions, a sales assistant in Canada does not require any specific educational qualifications. However, applicants should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Sales assistants are tasked with completing customer service and administrative tasks. The job can also involve selling a variety of goods and services to consumers.

In general, sales assistants work in an office environment. They may be required to work long hours, sitting at a desk. They must be comfortable dealing with customers and handling money. They must also be detail-oriented.

Some sales assistants are promoted into a supervisor role within a few years. These people are responsible for managing a team of sales representatives. They also have to meet sales targets. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and have excellent interpersonal skills. They will also be responsible for maintaining relationships with clients and developing new business opportunities.

These jobs can be found in both local stores and large chain stores. The salary is dependent on the company and the years of experience. In addition to wages, sales assistants may be eligible for bonuses or a commission. During the Christmas season, overtime is often available. During this period, part-time staff may also be eligible for bonuses and holidays.

Many sales assistants are tasked with finding items for specific customers. They also answer questions about products.

Some sales assistants are also tasked with finding out what products are in stock and ensuring production levels can meet demand. They may also be responsible for following up with distributors and other sales professionals. They are also expected to follow company policies and procedures.


Inside sales assistant responsibilities

Having an inside sales assistant on your team will increase your company’s bottom line, not to mention your own wallet. The role entails processing orders, monitoring inventory, and generating reports. Some of the more mundane tasks include processing payments, demonstrating products, and strategizing the best sales pitches. The inside sales associate’s job is to increase the company’s brand image. This may include negotiating contracts and selling products via electronic commerce.

Inside sales assistant responsibilities vary depending on the company. For instance, some sales associates work on an as-needed basis while others work on an hourly basis. In addition to sales, an inside sales assistant may also perform administrative tasks. These tasks include completing customer data sheets and creating the requisite billing statements. The inside sales rep may also be responsible for completing tender responses, and responding to contract maintenance proposal requests. The inside sales rep may also be required to travel outside of the office for client meetings and appointments. This job will require a minimum of a high school degree.

Outside sales assistant responsibilities

Basically, an Outside Sales Assistant is responsible for generating and fostering new business opportunities and relationships. They interact with potential customers, provide customer support and explain the products and services that they offer. They also monitor competitive products and make recommendations about new products and service options.

Outside sales representatives are responsible for prospecting for new business opportunities and managing higher volume targeted accounts. They also participate in trade shows and conferences and monitor customers’ reactions and responses to new products and services. They develop new product applications and recommend new product options. They also conduct safety inspections and conduct outbound telephone calls to existing customers. These duties require strong analytical skills, a clean abstract, and a valid G license. Occasionally, they may also be required to travel to clients’ offices or coffee shops to conduct sales.


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