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Feeding Delirium – Food Delivery Services, Grubhub, DoorDash and further


Feeding Delirium – Food Delivery Services, Grubhub, DoorDash and further

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Grubhub is the established request leader for food delivery, but its position may be under attack.
Rapid growth for challengers, DoorDash and Uber Eats, is being driven by targeted hunt juggernauts.
Fairly modest installation rates for food delivery apps suggest that this request has plenitude of room for growth.

In the world of food delivery services, there’s one clear leader. innovated in Chicago in 2004, Grubhub now operates in 50 requests across the US. Comprising nearly 14 million visits every month,grubhub.com has further business than the coming three biggest spots combined. When you consider that the third biggest point,seamless.com, is part of the same commercial family, you see that Grubhub,Inc. is easily the dominant player in the request.
Business over Time
Looking at the change in business to four of the top food delivery services over the once 18 months shows business to two of Grubhub’s parcels remaining substantially flat. In the same period two Grubhub challengers,doordash.com andubereats.com endured significant growth. Business todoordash.com grew from3.7 M visits in January 2017 where it sat just belowseamless.com to more than8.5 M visits in June 2018, nearly double the volume of business toseamless.com.

Growth by Traffic Source

Grubhub’s loosening grip on the food delivery space is apparent also when looking at the share of business to the group from different sources. For this dimension, we’ve added up business togrubhub.com andseamless.com under the Grubhub,Inc. marker. From H1 2017 to H1 2018, bothdoordash.com andubereats.com grew their share of the group’s direct business and hunt business whether paid or organic.

DoorDash Targeting QSR- related Keywords


The emotional business growth fordoordash.com is concentrated on both organic and paid hunt. Drilling down to the keywords that form the backbone of this growth sees a range of hunt terms related to specific chains of Quick Service caffs or QSRs. DoorDash has easily chosen to optimize hunt around specific chains to drive business for its delivery service from these caffs

DoorDash Targeting Its Challengers

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A secondary group of keywords generating business todoordash.com focuses on the names and indispensable spellings of the names of DoorDash’s challengers. Going after empty consumers searching for Uber Eats or Grubhub, helps DoorDash grow its business on the reverse of other brands.
Uber Eats Targeting Geo- related Keywords
Uber Eats has used a variation of the DoorDash strategy to grow its followership. Rather than fastening on QSRs,ubereats.com has invested in gaining business from geo- related ingrained keywords or search terms that use a variation of the company’s name together with a specific megacity or position. This way Uber Eats is defending its brand against challengers at the original position, icing that an adding number of consumers searching for original food delivery will find their way to the point.

Food Delivery App Installations

A crucial part of food delivery services is their capability to give access on all platforms. nearly all of the companies we’ve mentioned then have seen significant growth in current installs over the once time. The Uber Eats Original Food Delivery app has the topmost penetration of Android bias in the US, backed by its association with its monstrously popular parent app, Uber. While the Grubhub Food Delivery app is adding in fashionability, family apps, Seamless Food Delivery/ Takeout and Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout are holding steady with a much lower proportion of US Android bias.


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